Shoulder Pain Healed

From a woman member of our church:

I woke up one morning with a knot in my back under my shoulder blade. It was pushing on a nerve so badly that the only time I was not in pain was when I was flat on my back. I was out of work for 4 days and besides being prayed for, I went to the doctor, the chiropractor, a massage therapist and took strong pain medication and muscle relaxers to get through the day. 7 1/2 weeks went by but I kept believing that I was already healed by the stripes of Jesus and knew that there would be a day when I would no longer be in pain. That next Sunday, I was in church when Teri got a word of knowledge that Jesus was doing surgery on someone. I closed my eyes and immediately saw a glass of water that had sediment in the bottom. Jesus poured fresh water in until all the sediment was flushed out. I opened my eyes and the pain was completely gone. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m still totally healed! Praise God!

Restored Energy

Having been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue the leadership prayed for Pastor Teri’s energy to return. After the prayers Paul had a word of knowledge that in twenty-one days energy would return. Twenty days later she said she felt the signs of her energy return and on the twenty-first day her energy was back! Amen and thank You Jesus!

Spiritual Chiropractic

On the Thursday night meeting of July 3, 2014, an elderly woman at the meeting had a rib out of joint and could barely breathe. After prayer there was a word of wisdom about setting the rib back in place. When the woman informed us that her chiropractor was busy and not in the rest of the week or weekend due to the holiday (Independence Day) one of the elders stepped up and set the rib. All pain left and she left able to breath pain free. Amen!


A couple had a little girl in their day care who began to have seizures. They went to visit her over the weekend at the parents’ house and had the opportunity to pray that the seizures would come to an end. The prayer team was alerted and began to pray as well. The little girl has been seizure free!

Lower Back Pain

The pastor called out a word of knowledge for a pain in the lower back. The woman who the word was for had been in pain the entire day before and was still in pain when the word was given. No apparent change was noted at the time, but upon leaving the church later on she noticed that the healing was complete. There was no pain anymore, thank you Jesus!

Skin Condition

A word of knowledge was given for a skin condition, specifically for “snake-like skin.” The woman with the condition touched it at the time it was called out and felt the skin that was affected through her jeans. She went home and upon examining it found that it had been completely healed because of the word spoken.