Shoulder Pain Healed

From a woman member of our church:

I woke up one morning with a knot in my back under my shoulder blade. It was pushing on a nerve so badly that the only time I was not in pain was when I was flat on my back. I was out of work for 4 days and besides being prayed for, I went to the doctor, the chiropractor, a massage therapist and took strong pain medication and muscle relaxers to get through the day. 7 1/2 weeks went by but I kept believing that I was already healed by the stripes of Jesus and knew that there would be a day when I would no longer be in pain. That next Sunday, I was in church when Teri got a word of knowledge that Jesus was doing surgery on someone. I closed my eyes and immediately saw a glass of water that had sediment in the bottom. Jesus poured fresh water in until all the sediment was flushed out. I opened my eyes and the pain was completely gone. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m still totally healed! Praise God!

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