At the leading of the Holy Spirit, Brad and Teri Friedlander embarked on an experiment to allow the Spirit to build a community based on the full participation of everyone. We are learning how to cultivate our own relationships with the Spirit, enabling us to express the Life and Love of God.

Multiple Facets

Our Vision

The logo for our church is a diamond, based on Ephesians 3:10: “The multifaceted wisdom of God is revealed through the church.” It takes multiple facets on a diamond to reflect its true beauty. Each one sparkles with brilliance as light shines on it and its glory is revealed for all to see. We don’t always see how God is choosing to reflect off of each other. A facet on one side of the diamond cannot see one on the other side, directly opposite itself. God has a different vantage point, however, and can see how perfectly they fit together. In the same way, we are learning to honor one another even though we have different viewpoints and time after time we have seen God smooth and shape us with hands of love, conforming us to God’s image, not each other’s.

We at Connection Church see ourselves as individual facets in this beautiful diamond of a church God is building locally. More than this, though, Connection Church is an individual facet of the larger regional, national and global diamonds our Creator is so lovingly fashioning.

Our desire is to see God’s kingdom released on the earth, to be agents of change locally, nationally and throughout the world. Toward this end, we are learning how to live in His presence, being rooted and grounded in love from which all other fruit and gifts of the Spirit flow. We long to be a community of lovers of God, experiencing His power and presence released in and through us in ever increasing measure.

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