What to Expect

Expect the unexpected!

God is building the church. It is such an exciting time to be alive. The multifaceted wisdom of God is being revealed in the church in this hour and we, at Connection Church, are in awe at the way in which God is forming the church and reforming us.

Each week, we don’t know ahead of time what God has in store for us. Sometimes our worship team receives songs downloaded from heaven, which occur at any time during the service. It’s all very spontaneous and raw. Sometimes there is intense shouting, drum circle, dancing, etc. At other times there is such an atmosphere of peace that people often just lie down in God’s presence. Usually someone is painting or drawing. The worship is interspersed with songs written by the worship team, Spirit downloads, and a few well known worship songs. Anything is possible at any time. We like it this way.

Portal of Light

Typically, Brad and/or Teri shares a message, then the microphone is passed around to any who would like to add their Spirit-inspired thoughts. In this way, this multifaceted wisdom of God is made known through all of us, not just one or two. Often this can be the most meaningful part of the service for some, as the Holy Spirit is able to speak insight through one another which only happens when someone is willing to speak what he/she is hearing from God. You could call this prophecy, but we are just excited that God wants to talk to us through each other.

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